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"Desde el primer día, Duran Internacional se preocupó, veló, me aconsejó y estuvo siempre a mi disposición para cualquier cosa. En tu carrera, no solo quieres rodearte de los mejores sino además, sentirlos que son parte de tu progresión, de tu camino; buscas tu familia baloncestísica. Eso es Duran Internacional. No solo dispuestos a trabajar de la mejor manera por tus intereses, se suma esa visión externa que te permite que te hagan preguntas incómodas pero cruciales en momentos de tu carrera. Pero siempre de la mano y apoyando las decisiones del jugador. Duran Internacional se convirtió no solo en mi agencia de respresentación, sino también un apoyo imprescindible"

"As a player, you want your agency to fight to place you at the level you feel like you belong and can succeed. Duran International did that at every step of my career. Even though I came from a small Division 3 college, Emilio Duran and FJ Martin took a chance on me and treated me as a priority from day one. Their deep knowledge of the global basketball market led me to great opportunities in Europe, Asia and South America, and I am forever thankful to them for that. Further and equally important, they have been 100% honest, realistic and helpful in any situation in which I've had an issue.  After 8 seasons with Emilio, FJ, and the rest of the Duran International team, I am extremely proud that they have represented me the entire way, and would strongly endorse them to any player looking to have a long and successful career"

"I can’t thank Emilio and Duran international enough for everything they have done for me through out my long journey on and off the court. I started my basketball career with Emilio Duran and ended with him and Duran International 14 seasons later. The future possibilities Emilio expressed to me didn’t seem like they could be my reality coming from a small Division 2 in Alaska. Helping me navigate my career from the USBL, to my first season in the 3rd division of Spain, to 10 years in the ACB (8 in Euroleague) my career was quite the success. If you’re a player with high ambitions and want someone fully dedicated to you and your journey, I would highly recommend Emilio / Duran International. "

"As a player, you want to be able to trust your agent and trust that your agency will put you in the best positions to be successful and I can say in my first professional season that is the case. Before signing, Oscar made it a priority to build a relationship with myself and my family and that is what made it an easier decision to make on top of where he saw me starting my career. Through my highs and through my lows, Oscar has always been there to pass knowledge and made it clear that he is always a phone call away if I need anything. I am blessed to be represented by Oscar and Duran International and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a chance at a successful career. "